Working together to safeguard children and adults at risk

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The Bowls Development Alliance in partnership with Bowls England, English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd, English Short Mat Bowling Association, English Bowling Federation and the British Crown Green Bowling Association have developed a policy for the sport of bowls which outlines the five organisations commitment to ensuring that the sport provides a safe environment for all young people and adults at risk to play. The policy clearly outlines the processes that need to be gone through if a situation arises where a child may be at risk and provides advice on support that is available to you and who you may need to inform. The policy is not just aimed at those clubs with juniors it is also there for clubs that work closely with young people or adults with a disability or those young people or adults who are known to be at risk.

Guidelines have also been developed for those clubs who are seeking guidance on particular aspects of safeguarding for example, there is a job description for a Safeguarding Officer/volunteer and guidance on how to safely recruit both paid and unpaid volunteers and staff and details of local groups who can provide support to a Club Safeguarding Officer who may be unsure as to what action to take.

Finally, to save clubs time developing their own, a range of templates are available to download which can be utilised by your own club.

As part of the funding agreement from Sport England all sports have to complete standards to show they are committed to ensuring their sport is safe. Once achieved these standards then have to become embedded into the sport.

All of the documents are there to support clubs and counties for everyone to follow These documents are reviewed on a regular basis due to the many changes in legislation that occur and the latest copy will always be available on this site as well as your relevant NGB’s website.

Feedback from County & Club Safeguarding/Volunteers

Thank you to all of you that take the time to take part in the survey. The feedback can be downloaded by clicking here

Feedback from attendees of Bowls Safeguarding courses since January 2019

Thank you to all of you that take the time to take part in the survey. The feedback can be downloaded by clicking here