Working together to safeguard children and adults at risk


All clubs should encourage their members including coaches, volunteers and in particular Club Welfare Officers (formally known as Child Protection Officers) to attend relevant training courses to ensure that all children and vulnerable adults are safe within their clubs.

Option 1 - Safeguarding and Protecting Children
(3 hours - sportscoachUK)

This course provides a basic understanding and awareness of safeguarding and is recommended for bowls coaches and Club Safeguarding Officers/Volunteers as an introduction to safeguarding.

It is available through your local County Sport Partnership and is open to all sports.

Option 2 - Safeguarding in Bowls - “Time to Listen”
(4 hours - Coach Bowls)

This is a bowls specific module aimed at Club Safeguarding Officers/Volunteers whose clubs have junior members or sections and those who work with local school children providing taster sessions.

Option 3 - Adult Safeguarding in Bowls
(3 hours - Coach Bowls)

This module is aimed at those clubs who have predominately adult only members. It focuses on ensuring Club Safeguarding Officers/Volunteers understand their role in safeguarding adults and in particular those adults who may be at risk.

If your club/county would like a course in your area please call Adam Durnin on 01926 334609.

For details of current Safeguarding in Bowls - "Time to Listen" and Adult Safeguarding in Bowls courses open for bookings please click here

Online Training/Webinars

CPSU Webinar – Managing the emotional impact of safeguarding
CPSU Webinar – Keeping children safe online
CPSU Webinar – Safeguarding disabled children
CPSU Webinar – Eating disorders in sport
CPSU Webinar – Make a noise about bullying in sport
CPSU Webinar – Introducing the revised Sports Safeguarding Standards
CPSU Webinar – Safeguarding children in martial arts activities
CPSU Webinar – Understanding grooming for abuse
CPSU Webinar – Safeguarding LGBT young people
CPSU Webinar – Keeping children safe online
CPSU Webinar – Safeguarding impact assessments
CPSU Webinar – Empowering sport to tackle bullying
CPSU Webinar – Practical application of DBS disclosures
CPSU Webinar – Sharing information in child protection cases